About Us

The smile we promised to every customer

Terranova is a sunny, cheerful brand that was founded in Rimini, Italy, a place distinguished by its joie de vivre and passion for beauty. We put the same passion into creating our collections. We love offering colourful, youthful, and on-trend products that are affordable and made with an eye for detail.

Every day, we do our work with enthusiasm, while respecting the Terranova brand promise: giving the gift of a smile, a moment of happiness, positivity and confidence to the people we meet.

The leading Italian brand in the low-cost sector

Terranova is the only Italian fast-fashion brand across all of Italy and 504 shops in 37 countries globally.

Our franchising format, our ability to understand all markets and intercept consumers’ tastes and the universal style of every collection have led to a significant development for the Terranova brand. Our international experience has fostered constant growth on our internal competences and an increasingly international vision of the managers who lead the company.

A real bond

Terranova means Rimini, the heart of Adriatic Coast and a symbol of summer, feeling carefree and joie de vivre. Our roots have always distinguished the brand and clearly and precisely define our corporate identity. By collaborating with the British retail-design agency, Checkland Kindleysides, it immediately emerged that the unique quality of the Terranova brand could fully express itself through the iconic features of our home town, which is enduringly connected to the sea, to wood aged by salt, and to the colours and smiles of the people who live there.